Tyler Seguin

Tyler showed up at Matt Nichol’s gym at the age of 17. He was skinny and full of charisma. At the combine, the BioSteel Twitter account was reporting on the players and we may or may have not “embellished” Tyler’s performance slightly. Here we are almost 10 years later, and Tyler is Cup champion, an All-Star and as strong and fit as they come. What people don’t see are the countless hours he spends at the gym or him showing up at commercial shoots with bandages on his hands from shooting pucks all summer. Tyler’s entire family consumes BioSteel products. His personal favourites are our Orange flavoured Sports Drink and Chocolate ARF. For those that follow him, trust us when we say the best is yet to come. He’s a natural born leader and winner. We’re very proud of this relationship, while other athletes and brands play pretend about their endorsements and what’s in their products. #ItsJustTheTruth